Tips You Must Remember to Do Foundation Like a Pro – Part 2

So we come to a second and last piece of our article “How to Apply Foundation like a 3d bottom eyelashes Artist”. If you read my first series you would know I covered the great secrets to do Foundation like a Pro – like, You need to prep up your face, Choose the right shade, Use the right tools and much more.

3d bottom eyelashes
3d bottom eyelashes

Lonln Now we are going to reveal more secrets to create your 3d bottom eyelashes foundation absolutely perfect. Let’s read on.

Know your texture

You will find mainly four types of foundations available in the market: liquid, gel based, powder and cream foundation. Being aware of your skin texture will be of great help in selecting the right type of foundation. Liquid and gel foundations can be used for all skin types. If you have oily or combination skin, you are recommended to choose loose or press powder formula. Those with an oily face can also use a lightweight liquid formula followed by mineral based powder in the T-zone for a no-3d bottom eyelashes look.

If you have acne prone or mature skin, shop from cream foundations. Those who have very dry skin should choose from cream or liquid foundations. If you are using powder based foundation formula, make sure you dab less amount during winter and more amount during summer to prevent your skin looking too dry and cakey.

Apply it only where it is needed

Look in the mirror carefully and ask yourself if you really need to apply foundation on the entire face. According to leading 3d bottom eyelashes artists, we just need to dab foundation in certain areas of the face to get even and natural look. Next, hide the blemishes with a Concealer for a perfect finish. While applying foundation, you can always go beyond the jawline. Well, in reality, you can apply it onto every exposed part of your body. It’s absolutely your preference!

The technique does matter!

The technique of applying foundation changes depending on the type of formula you select. For example, if you choose 3d bottom eyelashes , cream or gel foundation, create one thin layer first and spread it until it goes invisible. Use a short and dense brush for liquid foundation formula and make a circular motion for a light to medium coverage.

If you have powder foundation, use a sponge and dab product only on necessary 3d bottom eyelashes. There is a method called ‘baking’ where a generous amount of loose powder formula is applied on the face and allowed to settle for about 10 minutes before the excess powder is removed. It works great for night outing but can give a very heavy feel for a daytime look.

Finish it with Concealer

3d bottom eyelashes
3d bottom eyelashes

Wearing Concealer after foundation will help you achieve a crease-free look. Choose one shade lighter than your actual 3d bottom eyelashes tone. And apply it on to all areas with tiny flaws, mainly the under-eye area.

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