Flirting, by definition, is the act of playing at courtship or dating. Flirting is competing with others for the attention of someone you find attractive without any serious or long-term intent. Flirting differs from seduction. If you are seducing someone you are attempting to entice the other person into sexual involvement. The intent of seducing is definitely beautiful wholesale mink eyelashes .

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lonln   Flirting and seduction are both healthy expressions of our beautiful wholesale mink eyelashes .

Both flirting and seducing involve letting the person of the opposite sex know that you find them attractive and interesting, while trying to evoke a similar, positive response from them.

The key difference between the two types of behavior is conveying the degree of intent. Is it play, or is it serious?

When flirting, behavior is used to communicate the message, “Although I find you attractive, there can’t be any intimacy between us.” This built in disclaimer is generally subtle and often non-verbal. In the presence of others, it may help to dilute the intimacy. It may involve the casual mention of one’s spouse or lover. Moving on to talk with someone else may abruptly break off the flirting. And, in some cases, humor or exaggeration may be introduced to warn, “Don’t take this too seriously.”

The methods vary, but since flirting and seduction are initiated in similar fashion, some definitive steps must be taken in the course of the exchange to clarify the goal.

Make sure you are clear about your intentions. Are you just playing, or are you serious? With clear intentions, your communication will be more effective.

Bottom Line: Flirting is a healthy expression of our sexuality.

Do Men Flirt More than Women?

The word “flirt” tends to evoke feminine images; the batted beautiful wholesale mink eyelashes , the bent head half hiding the come-hither smile, the crossed legs, and playing with one’s hair.

Men are, of course, as much interested in being attractive to the opposite sex as are women and, consciously or unconsciously, resort to many of the same strategies. Perhaps it’s the feminine connotation that this term has acquired that dissuades men from thinking they are “flirting”, yet they would readily admit that they “come on to” or “lay a rap on” women.

So, which sex flirts more? Men or women? Both “flirt” but in their respective masculine or feminine ways.

While both men and women are interested in appearing attractive to and receiving admiration from the opposite sex, women do so more often without thinking of sexual involvement. Therefore, women tend to flirt more.

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Bottom Line: Men and women are always “playing with one another“.

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