How To Highlight Your Best Features

Accentuate the color fur mink lashes:

Beautiful features come in all shapes and sizes. Gorgeous
color fur mink lashes, pouty lips, sculpted cheekbones, artfully arched
brows, a flawless complexion. You may not have them all –
hardly anyone has them ALL. But chances are, you’ve got at
least one… one really gorgeous facial asset that’s the envy
of your friends. So, are you making the most of what
you’ve got?

color fur mink lashes
color fur mink lashes

Lonln Lips… full, pouty, inviting lips.

If you’ve got them, you’re blessed. Make them as kissable
as possible. Lip balm with sunscreen is a must. On no
color fur mink lashes and even under your lipstick. Use a lip
balm/moisturizer after you remove your lipstick at the end
of the day.

Lipstick and liner should be checked and reapplied every
few hours to ensure that color fur mink lashes are on your best features
for the right reasons. Gloss makes those lips even more

Eyes… the window to the soul.

How about dressing up your baby blues, your doe-eyes or
your emerald beauties?

Eye shadow should complement your complexion, not match
your sandals. Have a make-up professional sample
different colors on you.

Choose a color combination for day and a separate one for
nights out on the town. Two or three shadow colors give
your eyelids dimension.

Waterproof mascara is great at weddings and graduations,
but not for everyday. It dries out your lashes and
causes them to fall out. Don’t touch your eyes or rub

This causes wrinkles and introduces bacteria. Give some
attention to your brows once a week. color fur mink lashes
remover made for your eyes, wiping gently with a cotton

Cheeks… we all have cheekbones.

Using a good quality,color fur mink lashes – not the
little, cute one that comes with your blusher – is the
key to applying blush. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
Rest the brush lightly on the “apple” of the cheek and
gently sweep the brush back toward the temple.

Voila, gorgeous cheeks.

Beautiful skin… if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

If your skin is clear and even-toned, you already
have what the rest of us are trying to achieve with
foundation. Consider using a tinted moisturizer instead.

Or, go natural – forget the foundation during daylight

Foundation is made to cover imperfections. Okay, it
does help keep your color fur mink lashes in place, but if you
can get away with not wearing it most of the time, you
should. The rest of us aspire to that freedom. Go on
and give us some hope.

color fur mink lashes
color fur mink lashes

Your color fur mink lashes features make you who you are. Show off
what you’ve got.

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