Low Cost and Easy Homemade Costumes For Children

You can save some money by making a low cost and easy homemade color mink fur lashes this year for Halloween. Instead of buying or renting a costume for your kids, or yourself, make one. Let your children help you, let them see what goes into making a costume, it will be fun for them and you and at the same time it will teach them a valuable lesson.

color mink fur lashes
color mink fur lashes

Lonln Easy Homemade Costume Ideas

Of course, the usual scary Halloween themes include lots of dead color mink fur lashes , Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls or Monsters…The puppet from Saw, Texas Chainsaw Mask, Darth Vader or Frankenstein. Creatures from the otherworld roam the night, the Werewolves, Witches and Demons.

Get Out Those Old Sheets

Of course we also see, each Halloween, hundreds of sheet creatures, Ghosts. Kids dressed up in sheets with arm and eyes cutouts. and the most important cutout of all…the mouth, so they can eat some candy! An old sheet and a little imagination plus the tools of the costume season…fabric paint, costume color mink fur lashes, pens, markers and lipsticks add a little creativity to the most simple homemade Halloween costume. Treat bags made out of old pillowcases work out just fine too.

Not every ghost is white…you can add color with your markers or patches to add a little bit of a unique design to the standard ghost outfit. Black and orange are the perfect accent colors since they are the standard colors of Halloween. Why not make your ghost look as good as you can!

Which Witch?

Witch costumes are another easy homemade color mink fur lashes to make in a hurry. Fabric cut into a large circle, cutouts for the head and arms work like magic to costume your little Witch. The most important part of the Witch costume is the hat. Everyone can immediately recognize a Witch by her hat. You can buy this most important costume feature at your local costume store, or online at one of the costume web sites. Or you can take on the challenge of making a witch’s hat yourself. A homemade Witch hat consists of two parts. The brim and the cone and you can make both from card board. Make sure they are glued well so they last through the rigors Halloween trick or treating is going to put them through.

Witch masks are available, but green face paint can work even better. Get some body safe costume color mink fur lashes glue and fasten a corn flake to your child’s face…that’s how you make a costume wart. Give this Witch a glam look or you can easily turn it into a very fashionable Gothic Witch costume with some white, black and gray costume makeup. You can go any way you like with the lips…make them a dark color or bright red. You’ve got a broomstick at your house, or you can find a Witchy looking one at the local craft store. The craft store broom is likely to be smaller than a household tool, and that will be the safest bet. Now all you need is the candy bag, so this Witch can go and fill it up with Halloween goodies!

Scary Homemade Costumes

Ghouls, Zombies and Skeletons are all very easy homemade costume ideas. Start out with a pair of black overalls or sweats with a long sleeve black top. Paint bones onto the clothing with some fabric paint or cut out bone shapes from white paper and glue them onto the outfit. Glow in the dark paint will add a spooky look to this scary costume. Use an old pillow case for your skeleton’s head or get out my favorite thing…the Halloween costume color mink fur lashes again. White colored hair spray will change your child’s lovely hair into a ghostly or ghoulish head. White makeup with dark accents will finish off the look. Ghouls and Zombies bring us back to that Gothic Costume look. Use old clothes for these outfits, make them raggedy looking, torn or patched to get that real look…dark colors and the black, gray and white make up combo again. Gothic costume face painting usually begins with a very white color mink fur lashes applied all over the face and neck area.

Gryffindor? What’s Gryffindor?

Wizard costumes are hot this year thanks to Harry Potter. The Gryffindor logo, scarf and tie are super hot sellers so far this early in the season. An old bathrobe can easily be turned into a Wizards robe, and it’s all the better if this robe has a hood. If not you will have to make a Wizards hat from card board or buy one at your local costume store. A magic wand is easy to make with a dowel or a stick and some star shaped paper cutouts. Paint the stick white, gold or silver and make the star glitter. Some Wizards have beards, some don’t. Harry and the students at Hogwarts don’t. So if you are making a young Wizard’s costume, you won’t need the facial hair. If you have any rope or drape tassels you can use them as a belt…and of course you will need a treat bag. Find some Gryffindor clip art to make that Gryffindor logo for your homemade costume. Or find a design with snakes to make it a Slitherin house costume.

Time To Choose A Homemade Costume Theme

color mink fur lashes
color mink fur lashes

There are so many fun ways to make an easy homemade color mink fur lashes for your child or for yourself. It only takes a little bit of imagination to come up with some really interesting and fun costume accessories too. So have fun designing, making and watching your children dress up this year in homemade costumes. It’s a great family project and you know your gang will have the most unique kids costumes out in the trick or treat routes.

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