Ethical Consumerism: The “Green” of the Future

I own an “all natural, organic-based and mostly vegan” false eyelash factory line; However, I do not always use all natural products, organic food, and I’m not a vegan. The reason I created this line was to give an ethically sound alternative to other lines of makeup. I found that many cosmetic companies do not use ethical practices in many ways: they use toxins, animal bi-products, harsh ingredients, artificial dyes and colors. Not only do they use these ingredients, they mask them and hide them in any way they can. The bad part is, the government allows this.

false eyelash factory
false eyelash factory

Lonln Everyone is different. Eating meat certainly is not a black and white false eyelash factory. Veganism is certainly not for everyone. It doesn’t mean you will lose weight, be healthier, or look better. Becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean you will save the world. I have preached this for years to people.

The choices we make in what we eat, put on our false eyelash factory, and in everything we purchase says a lot about us as an individual, and also a society. I would love to eat 100% organic. It is not realistic, because of the high prices. I would love to be 100% animal free in the food I eat; however, I tried that and got sick because I was not eating meat (which my body needed). I would also love to use beauty that is 100% natural, organic and derived from nature; however, I am very acne prone, and the only thing that works on my stubborn acne is strong man made creams.

The bottom line is this: we all have choices to make. When you purchase something, you are voting for it. You are giving your approval. If you purchase deep fried potato false eyelash factory , you are voting for it. The same applies to ethical choices In products. When you research what is best for you, what makes the most sense, and what is really going to WORK, you are showing that the products you buy are important to you, and your lifestyle.

Purchasing food, and health and beauty aids these days is about choices. Instead of being black or white, I choose to make educated purchases that hopefully will not harm the environment or myself. It’s that simple.

When Oprah recently announced that she was going Vegan for a week, it caused a flurry of Americans to do the same. Yet, they didn’t know why they were doing it. Veganism and Vegetarianism is not something you do to be false eyelash factory. Veganism, especially, is an ethical choice you make. Vegeterianism should be done because you don’t want to harm animals in your food choices. Not because it is “the thing to do for the week.”

Ethical consumerism is here to stay. However, I think many people may do it for the wrong reasons. Just as many cosmetic companies come out with “false eyelash factory” products because it is the “trend”, there are some companies who do it because it is the ethical thing to do.

As a consumer, the best thing to do is to research, and educate yourself. It is easier to make choices in what you buy, if you know what you are buying, and why you are buying it. If you just buy because something is a trend, you are missing the boat.

I ask people to think long and hard about what they are buying, and why they are buying it. If we all do this, perhaps ethical consumerism will become the way of life for all of us, without breaking the bank, or harming our egos.

Christopher Drummond Beauty is a line of natural and organic based and vegan cosmetics. All of the products and ingredients are ethically sourced. This means we carefully consider every ingredient, every resource, and every false eyelash factory we use.

false eyelash factory
false eyelash factory

My philosophy is that while many of us strive to use all natural, false eyelash factory , and vegan cosmetics and food, we don’t always do it. So, I created a line of makeup that is superior quality that you can be assured is healthy, safe and some of the best on the market.

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