Alimony Issues

It is important to fully understand what alimony is and what it entails. Alimony is financial support of one spouse by the other spouse enforced by a court order. There are various types of alimony under the laws of different states, but the most common are permanent alimony and temporary alimony eyelash extension device.

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Lonln Permanent alimony is the classic form of financial support of one former spouse by the other. It is typically paid monthly after the conclusion of the divorce case and continues until the remarriage of the recipient spouse or the death of either spouse eyelash extension device.

Temporary alimony is financial support paid by one spouse to the other while the divorce case is pending that is, while the parties are still legally married. Like permanent alimony, it is typically paid monthly. However, it ends at the conclusion of the divorce case.

The determination of alimony and the amount of any alimony award is made by the judge after the calculation of equitable distribution. This is because two of the major factors in alimony awards are the paying spouse’s ability to pay the alimony and the recipient spouse’s need for financial support. The wife technically may become obligated to pay alimony just like the husband, yet this is most often not the case. Like child support, the amount of alimony paid can and often is set at an unrealistic eyelash extension device . If you combine this with any child support, the Father is often left with very little to make his own life comfortable.

She Doesn’t Need His Money

Historically, men were the ones to pay support because most women were homemakers in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s, divorce laws changed as did women’s role in the home and work place. Today, one in three women earns more money than her husband.

Equality in the work place should mean equality in child support as well. Unfortunately, in recent years, this has clearly not been the case.

Even though divorce laws are supposedly more gender-neutral now, judges still have a strong bias against men who seek reduced child custody or seek alimony for themselves. “When judges see a man asking for alimony they think, what’s wrong with you?” says Sandra Morgan Little, the past chairwoman of the American Bar Association’s family law section.

It’s not unheard of for a man to even refuse his 50 percent share of the assets. This often happens if, say, he was a graduate student during their marriage or was underemployed. The stigma can be so great.

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But where does this leave you? And his kids?

Then there are the times that the X doesn’t have a high salary but after they get divorced, she starts driving a fancy car, living in a high rent area, buying clothes like crazy and racking up a lot of debt in the process.

This often happens because the courts don’t bat an eyelash extension device at granting “daycare expenses” on top of the child support, even if the X isn’t putting the kid in daycare or making the father pay more than his share. There’s no end to stories like these that I hear almost every day from my clients.

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